Thrive in uniqueness

Thrive in Uniqueness

Would you agree, being exclusive and different,
Special and unique in your own beautiful ways,
With your own gifts, dreams, and preferences,
Is the right way for your soul to stray,

Away from being stereotyped and plain,
I feel we should embrace being rare,
And trying to better ourselves every day,
Love more and give more, if we dare,

I feel it is about being your own true self,
And about friendliness, love and positivity,
About becoming the best version of yourself,
Striving for progress and productivity,

Making decisions from your heart and soul,
Being the change you want to see in this world,
Pain and negativity, forget about it all,
And keeping your promises for what it’s worth,

Planting little seeds for a better future,
Making sure these seeds are lovingly watered,
Do it yourself, staying humble and pure,
And don’t rely on help from others,

You, just you, in your own unique ways,
Can go from zero to hundred if you want,
You just have to put in some effort and play,
It smart, as succes is really right in front…

Mentje, July 23, 2019


Love all there is

Love all there is

I feel, its about loving all there is,
Yourself, this earth and all it’s people,
Spread abundance, love, happiness and bliss,
From the depths of your authentic soul,

This world, this place, with all it’s treasures,
It’s so beautiful, stunning and magnificent,
Actually, it goes beyond any measures,
And the people it provides are all significant,

The people that roam this luminous earth,
We are all an amazing, fascinating collection
Every human being is of value and worth
Of a place on this planet, love and affection,

In life when you face certain people or things,
You may face harsh times and dire straits,
How you deal with this, will eventually bring,
You to determine and seal your own fate,

Cause you, yourself have a choice you see,
You can be loving, friendly, neutral or rude
Act on the negative or positive feels,
It’s all about your attitude,

I think good intentions are always rewarded,
Just like being forgiving and friendly,
Hatred, agression, they can’t be afforded,
So love all there is and do it gently,

When you decide to give someone love,
You are frankly being good and smart,
As being that gift from the heavens above,
Can heal and mend both of your hearts…

Mentje, July 13, 2019