Her smell so rosy and so sweet
That colour bright and pink
She sweeps him right of his feet
Good right? Would you think?

But this little aromatic rose
Has thorns as sharp as knives
If he tries to get too close
She takes his soul, his life

Would she then be evil or bad?
No, she just has all the shades
Dark to light, it’s really mad
It leaves him shocked and dazed

Why oh why is she hurting him?
These sharp thorns are her walls you see
Don’t come at her in the dim
She will scratch and bite untill you bleed

This little lady, so bittersweet
Though she really loves him a lot
But he wont allow her to be free
And that when she turns so hot

He means so well and tries so hard
But he himself has a very sharp edge
He doesn’t know how to play it smart
Even though he is quite the catch

All the looks, that perfect jawline
A deep, nice, voice to go with
But his character is not as fine
He tends to start a fight or hit

Hit her in her mind and heart
Not because he is evil or bad
He just had this unlucky start
In life, without his mom and dad

It is safe to say that both of them
Love eachother very much
It is just tricky and difficult when
They disagree and clash and such

Though there is this one big thing
That always saves them both
It’s the voice of love that sings
It gives them strength and hope

This love is for always and forever
Strong and solid like a rock
Drifting apart again they will never
Its sealed with a kiss and locked…

Mentje, September 5, 2019


Black Bullets

Black Bullets

Ignorant as she was she fired five shots
With bullets black, black like charcoal,
She thought she had connected the dots
But that was only the sickness of her soul

These five black bullets rushed through the air
But the black bullets made a rapid turn
To be quite honest that was only fair
It was time for her suffer and burn

Not because she would be evil or bad
She was just swallowed by her dark skies
Frankly it was quite unfortunate and sad
It was only because she believed in lies

One black bullet hit her in the mind:
And so her sanity she could not find

One black bullet hit her in the heart:
Broken in pieces, it fell apart

One black bullet hit her in her love:
No more help from the heavens above

One black bullet hit her in her feelings:
She was numb, senseless and kept on bleeding

One black bullet hit her in the knee:
So she fell to the ground and started to plea

She asked God for a merciful death
And for forgiveness if he would like
Or for better days to come ahead
For finally that lucky strike

No sound, just silence, an icey stillness
She pondered and came to understand
That she had to heal from her nasty illness
And not rely on a helping hand

For five years, she was someone else
A year for each black bullet it took
Before again she had found herself
To turn a new page in her book

God heard her cries, but she just had
To suffer the results of her own actions
And learn from the errors she made on her path
God merely showed her, her own reflection

God never stopped caring for her troubled soul,
And now he loves her like she’s his only child
She just had to learn from her errors thats all
As she had gone completely wild

So, talking about that lucky strike
That strike we all desperately want to hit
She got it from him, because he liked
How she herself crawled out of her pit

Now she is roaming the earth in bliss,
Smiling at sun and dancing in the rain
Catching up on what she had missed
In all those five years of misery and pain

Mentje, July 28, 2019

Heart of Mother

Heart of Mother

You my dear, are the love of my life,
Though there is only so much I can do,
But I honestly, genuinely do love you,
And for you wellbeing I’ll always strive,

Please my dear, don’t leave my side,
You might think I’m so very strong,
But that you see is where your wrong,
So please seek your answers in the light,

Your suffering is like a knife to the heart,
Try not to drown in those toxic dark skies,
Look in the mirror, into your own eyes,
And express yourself through that lovely art,

You also know how I suffer in ways,
Blinded sight and bound to my chair,
Also for me life isn’t all that fair,
You know some of my darkest days,

Yet the darkness can’t swallow me whole,
I want to see you bloom like you should,
I know you can do this, like before you could,
You are my treasure and beloved goal,

Yes, I have seen your surrounding dark skies,
But you my dear, got a spark in your mind,
I know it’s there but it’s yours to find,
Cause I never saw the light leave your eyes,

I will count all these difficult days,
Till one day I will see that spark,
Shine through your eyes and leave a mark,
Till then, I can only show you the ways,

That mark, a mark that touches me right,
That spark I knew you always had,
Before your life went utterly bad,
One that says you won’t lose your sight,

If that day comes and I get to see it,
Your dark skies and that pouring rain,
Would disappear just like your pain,
And you won’t look for light, but you’ll be it…

Mentje, July 25, 2019

Thrive in uniqueness

Thrive in Uniqueness

Would you agree, being exclusive and different,
Special and unique in your own beautiful ways,
With your own gifts, dreams, and preferences,
Is the right way for your soul to stray,

Away from being stereotyped and plain,
I feel we should embrace being rare,
And trying to better ourselves every day,
Love more and give more, if we dare,

I feel it is about being your own true self,
And about friendliness, love and positivity,
About becoming the best version of yourself,
Striving for progress and productivity,

Making decisions from your heart and soul,
Being the change you want to see in this world,
Pain and negativity, forget about it all,
And keeping your promises for what it’s worth,

Planting little seeds for a better future,
Making sure these seeds are lovingly watered,
Do it yourself, staying humble and pure,
And don’t rely on help from others,

You, just you, in your own unique ways,
Can go from zero to hundred if you want,
You just have to put in some effort and play,
It smart, as succes is really right in front…

Mentje, July 23, 2019

Aedh wishes for the cloths of Heaven

Aedh wishes for the cloths of Heaven

Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

William Butler Yeats 1865 – 1939

A short analysis by interestingliterature.com:

“The message is straightforward, and a perennial one in poetry (and, indeed, song lyrics). The speaker, addressing his lover or would-be lover, says: if I were a rich man, I’d give you the world and all its treasures. If I were a god, I could take the heavenly sky and make a blanket out of it for you. But I’m only a poor man, and obviously the idea of making the sky into a blanket is silly and out of the question, so all I have of any worth are my dreams. And dreams are delicate and vulnerable – hence ‘Tread softly’.”

Read the full article here.

This poem moves me because I can relate to the message it gives. I think it is a stunning poem. One of the best I ever layed my eyes on. It’s so simple but so meaningful. He puts my exact feelings to words. Special man this William Butler Yeats.

Love all there is

Love all there is

I feel, its about loving all there is,
Yourself, this earth and all it’s people,
Spread abundance, love, happiness and bliss,
From the depths of your authentic soul,

This world, this place, with all it’s treasures,
It’s so beautiful, stunning and magnificent,
Actually, it goes beyond any measures,
And the people it provides are all significant,

The people that roam this luminous earth,
We are all an amazing, fascinating collection
Every human being is of value and worth
Of a place on this planet, love and affection,

In life when you face certain people or things,
You may face harsh times and dire straits,
How you deal with this, will eventually bring,
You to determine and seal your own fate,

Cause you, yourself have a choice you see,
You can be loving, friendly, neutral or rude
Act on the negative or positive feels,
It’s all about your attitude,

I think good intentions are always rewarded,
Just like being forgiving and friendly,
Hatred, agression, they can’t be afforded,
So love all there is and do it gently,

When you decide to give someone love,
You are frankly being good and smart,
As being that gift from the heavens above,
Can heal and mend both of your hearts…

Mentje, July 13, 2019

Back in the game

Back in the game

You say we should forget about the past,
And focus on the the future we have,
That we should bond again, at last,
And this time we should give it our best,

Our best, this should be good enough,
We can do this together, we both have strength
A little help from the heavens above,
Will take us both to greater lengths,

So here we both are, back in the game,
Rays of sunshine on the skin of our faces,
No more accusations of who’s to blame,
Just the day and the night, and other phases…

Mentje, July 12, 2019